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The Waka-what now?

//by Reza Danesh-Pajooh// Contrary to its daunting square-footage, a common complaint by both ALT and native alike is that there’s simply nothing to do here in Akita. Events are few and far between, and usually end up overlapping with festivals, work-days, or other events. Pair that with the fact that travelling within Akita is both time-consuming … Continue reading


  • Be on the lookout for a new photo theme! It will be announced here and on the Akita JET Facebook group after Christmas vacation! Get your cameras clicking!


This collection features creative work from the English-speaking ALT community in Akita, Japan, as well as musings on things to do, see, and experience, from stunning scenery to the strangest of sites. Food, fiction, festivals, music, art, movies, coffee, hiking...all of these have their place here. Our collection is still growing, so fellow Akitans: lend us your ideas and creative output. We want to hear what you have to say.