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The First Environmentalist

// by Tadaya Iwaya // Mt.Chokai suddenly exploded and collapsed between autumn and winter in 466 BC. It is said that 6 billion tons of earth and detritus collapsed on the north side of the mountain. Hundreds of cedars that were about one meter in diameter tumbled down the mountain with their roots intact. It … Continue reading

Disregard Megapickles

// by Andrew Lewis // Just what is a bit?  I’m fairly certain no one who ventures outside their mother’s basement knows the answer, but back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, that’s what mattered most to the elementary and middle-school console gamers of the day.  More bits mean better graphics—that’s all we understood.  And for … Continue reading

Walking into the Wind

//  by Russell Kabir  // Through these nights where morning never seems to come, I will keep walking into the wind. I cannot let the troubling waters I tread douse the fires in my eyes. Just to find that envied tree where sacrifice bears fruit, and growth means the sustenance of a self-actualized youth. Where … Continue reading