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From Akita to Outerspace

// By Jon Stimmer // When I think of Akita, I think first, and most importantly of the great people who live here. Then, I think of the natural wonders that Akita possesses, and, finally, of the great festivals, like Kanto in Akita, the Sandcraft festival in Mitane, the Kamakura snow festival in Yokote, or … Continue reading

Scenic Day Tour in the Land of the Namahage

// By Jessie Fast // When people talk about visiting Akita, I am often torn about what it is I should be suggesting they do. See some rice fields? Senshu Park? If Akita is not in festival season, my first thoughts are often that there is little to do or see to impress a first-timer, … Continue reading

Noshiro Space Event Launches into its Ninth Year

// Contributed by Jon Stimmer // The Noshiro Space Event will be held from Monday, August 19th to Sunday, August 25th 2013. This annual event, now in its 9th year, will include many exciting activities. Visitors can enjoy the launch of hybrid rockets that were designed and built by university students, a┬áCan Satellite Fly Back … Continue reading