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Akita in The New York Times

Recently, The New York Times posted an extensive article about a local Kakunodate artist who is working on selling his products not only locally but also internationally. The article profiles the artist, his business, and his plans to expand to the international market. A Japanese Craft Founded on Wild Cherry Trees Advertisements

The Top 25 Reverse Culture Shocks

The thoughts of a third-year ALT upon returning to the American South. //By Ashley Hinkleman// Reverse Culture Shock #1: Why is everyone speaking English? Reverse Culture Shock #2: Why does no one understand me when I speak Japanese? I tried to explain a game to my four-year-old niece, and when she didn’t understand, I started explaining … Continue reading

People Who Eat Darkness

//By Jessie Fast// One of the first stories I remember hearing when I came to Japan was about a gaijin English teacher who had been murdered and put in a soil-filled bathtub in Tokyo, where the police found her body. I don’t know why this story stuck with me over the many months between then … Continue reading