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The Top Ten Things the Internet Does Wrong: Part Two

This is the second part in a five part series. The first part can be found here. //By Andrew Lewis// 8.  News It was not so long ago that news anchors were wringing their hands about this new “web-log” thing, where irresponsible people without journalistic integrity could write and post an article about something in … Continue reading

The Top Ten Things the Internet Does Wrong: Part One

This post is the first of a five part series. //By Andrew Lewis// Houston, Texas. Oil derricks.  NASA.  Failed sports franchises.  Harbor.  Mesquite barbeque.  Rodeo.  East Coast comedians’ punchlines.  Yes, my hometown is well known for many things.  It’s not just the city all the big nationwide tours skip over.  It’s also the city trying to … Continue reading