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The Waka-what now?

//by Reza Danesh-Pajooh// Contrary to its daunting square-footage, a common complaint by both ALT and native alike is that there’s simply nothing to do here in Akita. Events are few and far between, and usually end up overlapping with festivals, work-days, or other events. Pair that with the fact that travelling within Akita is both time-consuming … Continue reading

A Disk Course on DJing in Akita

//By Dave Wilson// It’s a Friday night in Akita.  I go through my usual routine: hop of the bus, and grab a bite near my apartment. But tonight I’m not headed home to my kotatsu. Tonight, I’m diving into Akita City’s electronic music scene. I grab my headphones and a USB full of music, and … Continue reading

Getting into the Kyudo Mindset

//By Alyssa Cantrell// It’s a cold, windy night in Yurihonjo and my dashboard reads 7:45 as I pull into the parking lot of my destination. I park my car, grab my things, and head towards the front of the building. As I turn the corner I can hear the familiar thwack that I have become accustomed to—the … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Portraiture

//By Hannah Phillips//

Naginata: Balance Through Movement

//By Brianna Hom// At the risk of sounding hipster and condescending, there’s a good chance you probably haven’t heard of naginata. Even among the Japanese, people may have heard of the martial art but only vaguely know what it is. The naginata, whose closest Western equivalent is the glaive, is a tall pole weapon topped … Continue reading

Shirakami Sanchi and Aomori

//By Keith Ikoma// Shirakami Sanchi and Aomori’s West Coast On the border between Aomori Prefecture (青森県) and Akita Prefecture (秋田県) is a sleepy little section of the world called Shirakami Sanchi (白神山地).  While it is listed as World Heritage Sight (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/663), it does not seem busy at all.  Perhaps the secluded location is the reason … Continue reading

Iwate’s Sanriku Coast

A Vision of Beauty //By Kristina Tan// One of Iwate’s claim-to-fame sites is the Sanriku Coastline, one of the most beautiful, natural seaside areas I, personally, have ever seen. There are various sightseeing areas, but amongst the most famous are the Kitayamazaki Cliffs in Tanohata and Jodogahama Beach in Miyako. In between is Ryusendo Cave, … Continue reading

Prose Poetry: Langoliers・ラングリアーズ

//By Alexander Rhoades// You can’t see it yet, but you can feel it. That little pearl of fear in the pit of your stomach which tells you that you are, without a doubt, beginning to fall. Your breath is still haggard from the last time. Your lungs still sucking air through the narrow scream that … Continue reading

Kakunodate Festival

//By Kristina Tan// Recently inducted into the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List, along with The Tsuchizaki Shinmei Shrine Festival in Akita City and the Hanawa Festival in Kazuno City, the Kakunodate Festival is a float festival located in Semboku, Akita. Floats are crashed into each other in a huge display and are pulled into each other … Continue reading

Akita Culture Renewal

Dun dun dun DUN. (Wishing I had sound effects here) Hi everyone! My name is Kristina Tan, and I am restarting the Akita Culture webpage in 2017 as the new head editor and a current 2nd year Akita JET. I’m hoping to build a more robust profile on the site with plenty of travel information, … Continue reading