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Photos: LIGHTS


Corporate Kendo Competition: In Photos

//By Jessie Fast//

Photos: STYLE

The Top 25 Reverse Culture Shocks

The thoughts of a third-year ALT upon returning to the American South. //By Ashley Hinkleman// Reverse Culture Shock #1: Why is everyone speaking English? Reverse Culture Shock #2: Why does no one understand me when I speak Japanese? I tried to explain a game to my four-year-old niece, and when she didn’t understand, I started explaining … Continue reading


New photo contest!

Be on the lookout for a new photo theme! It will be announced here and on the Akita JET Facebook group after Christmas vacation! Get your cameras clicking!

Four-Act Photography Exhibition on Display Now

// by Jessie Fast // Local artist Go F. Googolight is currently exhibiting a four-act photography series, Elements, in Akita City. Displayed in AIU College Café’s gallery space, the rotating photographs concentrate on four separate but related themes, culminating in an opening reception on the first day of the final act. The exhibition began with the first … Continue reading

Photos: LINES

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos for our latest theme, we have a great collection of images showing various forms of lines – dividing and connecting, interspersed and singled out. Click on any image below to view them at full size.

Disregard Megapickles

// by Andrew Lewis // Just what is a bit?  I’m fairly certain no one who ventures outside their mother’s basement knows the answer, but back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, that’s what mattered most to the elementary and middle-school console gamers of the day.  More bits mean better graphics—that’s all we understood.  And for … Continue reading