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Shirakami Sanchi and Aomori

//By Keith Ikoma// Shirakami Sanchi and Aomori’s West Coast On the border between Aomori Prefecture (青森県) and Akita Prefecture (秋田県) is a sleepy little section of the world called Shirakami Sanchi (白神山地).  While it is listed as World Heritage Sight (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/663), it does not seem busy at all.  Perhaps the secluded location is the reason … Continue reading

Iwate’s Sanriku Coast

A Vision of Beauty //By Kristina Tan// One of Iwate’s claim-to-fame sites is the Sanriku Coastline, one of the most beautiful, natural seaside areas I, personally, have ever seen. There are various sightseeing areas, but amongst the most famous are the Kitayamazaki Cliffs in Tanohata and Jodogahama Beach in Miyako. In between is Ryusendo Cave, … Continue reading

Tori no Ichi Chicken Festival

//By Bethany Barry Wiens// Wherever you go in Japan, there are specialties. Therefore, wherever you are in Japan, there will inevitably be festivals and celebrations of said specialties. For the town of Hinai in Northern Akita, that specialty is chicken. So it follows that once a year there is a festival celebrating the glory that … Continue reading

Yuzawa Innuko Snow Dog Festival

//By Judy Oyedele// Yuzawa City’s Innuko Matsuri is a must-see festival for the winter. Usually on a Saturday and Sunday (this year, it was held on February 8-9), the main attractions are the massive Akita dogs sculpted from snow. The festival is conveniently located just outside the Yuzawa train station doors, but there is a … Continue reading

Lake Towada Winter Story Festival

//By Lynne Francis// In northern Akita Prefecture, there sits Lake Towada. This lake borders Akita and its northern neighbor, Aomori Prefecture. While the lake is covered in a misty haze in the winter, its south-eastern side hosts the Towada Winter Story Festival. Unlike other festivals that span a few days, this grand mix of a … Continue reading

From Akita to Outerspace

// By Jon Stimmer // When I think of Akita, I think first, and most importantly of the great people who live here. Then, I think of the natural wonders that Akita possesses, and, finally, of the great festivals, like Kanto in Akita, the Sandcraft festival in Mitane, the Kamakura snow festival in Yokote, or … Continue reading

Scenic Day Tour in the Land of the Namahage

// By Jessie Fast // When people talk about visiting Akita, I am often torn about what it is I should be suggesting they do. See some rice fields? Senshu Park? If Akita is not in festival season, my first thoughts are often that there is little to do or see to impress a first-timer, … Continue reading

Noshiro Space Event Launches into its Ninth Year

// Contributed by Jon Stimmer // The Noshiro Space Event will be held from Monday, August 19th to Sunday, August 25th 2013. This annual event, now in its 9th year, will include many exciting activities. Visitors can enjoy the launch of hybrid rockets that were designed and built by university students, a Can Satellite Fly Back … Continue reading

The First Environmentalist

// by Tadaya Iwaya // Mt.Chokai suddenly exploded and collapsed between autumn and winter in 466 BC. It is said that 6 billion tons of earth and detritus collapsed on the north side of the mountain. Hundreds of cedars that were about one meter in diameter tumbled down the mountain with their roots intact. It … Continue reading

Inside the Sketchbooks of Studio Ghibli

// by Jessie Fast // Sometimes big things come to small towns. Studio Ghibli, the focus of the current exhibit at the Akita Museum of Art, is one such example. The exhibit showcases drawings and preliminary sketches from each of the studio’s movie creations. The first floor is dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki’s films, while the … Continue reading