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Photos: LIGHTS


Corporate Kendo Competition: In Photos

//By Jessie Fast//

Not Wholly Whole: Hafu Film Review

//By Keith Ikoma// On May 31st, I attended a showing of the film Hafu in Akita City. Some background about me: I am half-Japanese, and Hafu is about half-Japanese people and their experience in Japan. However, I am from Vancouver, one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There is a significant Asian influence … Continue reading

Bus Stop Love

//By Jessie Fast// Sometimes, on the 4:15 bus back to Akita from Araya, the bus pulls over for a young man and an old woman at a particular bus stop in front of a white school. More accurately, I suppose, the bus pulls over for the old woman only, because the young man never gets on … Continue reading

Four-Act Photography Exhibition on Display Now

// by Jessie Fast // Local artist Go F. Googolight is currently exhibiting a four-act photography series, Elements, in Akita City. Displayed in AIU College Café’s gallery space, the rotating photographs concentrate on four separate but related themes, culminating in an opening reception on the first day of the final act. The exhibition began with the first … Continue reading


// By Jessie Fast // I realize that one of the reasons Japanese people are generally so thin is because they eat next to no bread. Occasionally a melon pan, the rare sandwich or two. I see the wisdom of their avoidance of gluten-based carbs. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I love bread … Continue reading

Fukuro: For the Love of Ramen, and Owls

// by Jessie Fast // It’s not every day that a restaurant opens decorated entirely with your favorite animal. Nevertheless, it happened to me, and as soon as I saw Fukuro and the door with the owl silhouette, I knew I had to try it. After climbing a long set of stairs, the interior presents … Continue reading

Best Hipster Coffeeshop Experience

// by Jessie Fast // During college, I spent 75% of my time holed up in a coffeeshop somewhere. Living just outside of Seattle (in a quaint little town with no fewer than ten café options within a three-mile radius) meant that I could spend that much time in a coffeeshop and still not see … Continue reading