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Iwate’s Sanriku Coast

A Vision of Beauty //By Kristina Tan// One of Iwate’s claim-to-fame sites is the Sanriku Coastline, one of the most beautiful, natural seaside areas I, personally, have ever seen. There are various sightseeing areas, but amongst the most famous are the Kitayamazaki Cliffs in Tanohata and Jodogahama Beach in Miyako. In between is Ryusendo Cave, … Continue reading

Fighting to Understand Tohoku

// By Jessie Fast // I came to Japan in July 2011, about four months after the East Japan Earthquake. We had been warned that electricity use had been cut in an attempt to compensate for the shortages in the northeast, and the Tokyo nightscape was scattered with patches of darkness where signs hung unlit, the … Continue reading

Life in the Left Lane: Route 107

// by Andrew Lewis // Goddamn it, another car.  Give me a break! I’m not upset at a traffic jam. Nor am I frustrated at a right turn I can’t take because somehow the opposing flow of vehicles is evenly spaced in just the right way to keep the thought in my head that if … Continue reading