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A Disk Course on DJing in Akita

//By Dave Wilson// It’s a Friday night in Akita.  I go through my usual routine: hop of the bus, and grab a bite near my apartment. But tonight I’m not headed home to my kotatsu. Tonight, I’m diving into Akita City’s electronic music scene. I grab my headphones and a USB full of music, and … Continue reading

The Usual Suspects

//By Alistair Frothingham// It’s a snowy December in the year the Mayans predicted to be our last. Bundled in a black wool coat with buttons like wooden sabretooth tiger fangs, I breathe into a cheap blue-contrast-scale knitted scarf poorly hiding my cropped goatee. Marveled by the warmth I am afforded from purchases at a recycle … Continue reading

Sound of Followers: Live Music in a Laid-Back Setting

// by Katie Yantzi // In a dark and cool brick building, tucked away in Yokote’s Omori town, the soothing notes of a guitar are punctuated only by the concertgoers who have begun to sway and sing along, and the outbursts of the drunken man at the front. “Sakura, Sakuraaaa –” “ –YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!”  This inebriated fan throws … Continue reading

When Nerds Collide

// by Andrew Lewis // In a hole in the ground, there once lived an IT specialist. He was a curious creature. To most men, he appeared very small in stature. His feet were large and hairy, and his chin and neck sported a beard left to grow untamed and unchecked. In the dark and … Continue reading

Of Hippies, Music and Broken Tents

// by Katie Yantzi // It’s just after dark in a secluded mountain forest. The hum of guitars and various percussion instruments carries through the muggy air. All of the tents in the clearing beyond the stage have been pitched – except ours.  “Nani?!” Apparently we’ve come camping with tent poles that are actually just … Continue reading