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Prose Poetry: Langoliers・ラングリアーズ

//By Alexander Rhoades// You can’t see it yet, but you can feel it. That little pearl of fear in the pit of your stomach which tells you that you are, without a doubt, beginning to fall. Your breath is still haggard from the last time. Your lungs still sucking air through the narrow scream that … Continue reading


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Walking into the Wind

//  by Russell Kabir  // Through these nights where morning never seems to come, I will keep walking into the wind. I cannot let the troubling waters I tread douse the fires in my eyes. Just to find that envied tree where sacrifice bears fruit, and growth means the sustenance of a self-actualized youth. Where … Continue reading


// by Andrew Lewis //  Nighttime slowly creeps upon your town, dark countryside of little renown. Waruigo ineega? Ageless, ragged ogres clad in straw descend the mountains for our hurrah. Nakugo ineega? Marching three and three, feet caked in snow. Through paper screens our lanterns glow. Omozi kureneega? Are you lazy? Are you selfish? Let … Continue reading


// by Russell Kabir // I am a mountain. Losing face, losing faith but waiting to reach the sky. Time erodes my foundation, but not the faults I’m built on folding forever in my mind. My eyes become cloudy when I wake from my dormant state, and my shoulders of boulders grow cold. The elements … Continue reading