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The Waka-what now?

//by Reza Danesh-Pajooh// Contrary to its daunting square-footage, a common complaint by both ALT and native alike is that there’s simply nothing to do here in Akita. Events are few and far between, and usually end up overlapping with festivals, work-days, or other events. Pair that with the fact that travelling within Akita is both time-consuming … Continue reading

Sound of Followers: Live Music in a Laid-Back Setting

// by Katie Yantzi // In a dark and cool brick building, tucked away in Yokote’s Omori town, the soothing notes of a guitar are punctuated only by the concertgoers who have begun to sway and sing along, and the outbursts of the drunken man at the front. “Sakura, Sakuraaaa –” “ –YEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!”  This inebriated fan throws … Continue reading

Easters Away

// by Jessie Fast // The first Easter I spent away from my family was during college, while on exchange in England. It was the first major holiday (of many to come) that I spent apart from my parents, brother, aunts, uncles and cousins, and although we tried to Skype on the day to make … Continue reading

Real Japan: Cat Guides and Kamakura Spirits

// by Laura Bast (guest author) // My first day in Japan was spent in Yokote city, Akita. My ALT, she who was to be my guide for the rest of the trip, had gone to work for the day. A cat appeared in her stead. This came as no surprise to me, as I … Continue reading

Pokara: an Inaka Multicultural Experience

// by Nikki Zywina // As much as I love Japanese food, sometimes I find myself craving something which can’t be found aboard the Kappazushi shinkansen or at the counter of my favourite ramen shop.  Thankfully, Pokara (歩空 or ポカラ) is there to help in such times. Located just off Route 107 in Yokote, Pokara … Continue reading

Best REAL Pizza

// by Katie Yantzi // I hadn’t realized how much I loved pizza before coming to Japan. Clearly, I’ve always known it was delicious, but I was surprised to find that good pizza was one of those comfort foods from home I really couldn’t live without. Sadly, most attempts to satisfy this craving in Japan … Continue reading

Conquering Your Fears: the Wonder Castle Way

// by Katie Yantzi // I like to think of myself as being somewhat adventurous. However, I must admit I am a bit fearful of heights. More specifically, I’m afraid of unmitigated plunging drops. Naturally, I thought that trying the Namahage Power Slide at Yokote’s Wonder Castle was a suitable form of entertainment. Wonder Castle itself is … Continue reading

Life in the Left Lane: Route 107

// by Andrew Lewis // Goddamn it, another car.  Give me a break! I’m not upset at a traffic jam. Nor am I frustrated at a right turn I can’t take because somehow the opposing flow of vehicles is evenly spaced in just the right way to keep the thought in my head that if … Continue reading